Why should I support the GRA?

The GRA Committee works closely with our ward councillor Bridget Steer, local government authorities, other residents associations, security companies, SAPS, local businesses and Greenside residents to promote and safeguard the interests of our residents.

In order for us to achieve our goals, we rely on residents to both volunteer their time and contribute financially

What will it cost?

You can financially help support the work of the GRA with a monthly / annual subscription. Membership fees have been kept very low so please join and help us help Greenside. We are able to offer pensioners a reduced rate and we also welcome business memberships.

Level Price  
Residential Membership (per household) R 65.00 per Month. Select
Pensioners Membership (per household) R 30.00 per Month. Select
Residential Membership + Green Crew (per household) R 150.00 per Month. Select
Business Membership R 100.00 per Month. Select
Heritage Approvals R 1,200.00 now.
Membership expires after 12 Months.

Monthly subscriptions help make the work of the GRA financial sustainability but, if you would prefer, you can also make a general once-off donation or donate to help us with specific events and initiatives.

Donate once-off

What are your funds used for?

What your funds are used for:

  • Green Crew: Keeping our pavements, parks and road reserves tidy with a dedicated gardening team.
  • Security: Collaborating with security providers, upgrades and installation of new infrastructure to protect our residents and reduce crime in our area.
  • Events: Organising community get-togethers to build a strong sense of community.
  • Legal fees: For tackling non-compliance issues and planning initiatives and any other legal issues we may have.
  • Special projects: the GRA has two special projects it is currently implementing:
    • Sir Lionel Philips Park Adoption: The GRA has applied to City Parks to adopt Sir Lionel Phillips Park on Cruden Bay Rd. This park adoption aims to Secure the park against illegal usage and occupation and to revitalise and upgrade the park’s facilities and make it a beautiful green space for Greenside residents and others to enjoy.
    • Security infrastructure hardening: during loadshedding the Greenside community is vulnerable to theft of critical electrical infrastructure. In an effort to address this the GRA responded to a call from City Power to secure this security infrastructure and is in the process of rolling out security infrastructure to protect sub-stations and power boxes in the suburb.

 All money paid to the GRA (from membership subscriptions, donations, heritage application fees etc) is used to assist the GRA with this work.

The current committee is looking forward to initiating community building activities, finding ways to bring residents together and foster a positive energy. This will take time, energy and some money. So please pay your annual subscription!

For any enquiries, please contact our Membership committee on