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Greenside receives municipal services from the City of Johannesburg (COJ) and we are part of Region B. Greenside falls into Ward 87 and our current ward councillor is Bridget Steer.

A step-by-step process:

  1. Report the issue to the relevant authority. COJ relies on its residents to log service delivery failures so that it may have the opportunity to attend to them. If issues are not logged on the City’s service delivery systems, the entities may be unaware of the breakdowns. When reporting ensure that you get a reference number. 
  2. Escalate: You must log your complaints with the correct COJ department before contacting your local ward councillor to escalate the matter.

Who to report your problem to:



  • Water bursts, sewer bursts, low pressure, meter faults. Most effective logging by email
  • Call 011 688 1699 or 0860JOBURG(562874) or text 0826532143

  • Solid waste – dustbin clearing, illegal dumping, replacement bins
  • call 011 375 5555 or 010 055 5990
  • Email:
  • The call centre operates Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.
  • Please use this number to request replacement bins, collection of illegal dumping, street cleaning, etc. You can also request special collections for large items such as old mattresses, furniture etc.
  • Street cleaning / Illegal dumping / Street Bins Pikitup only attends to illegal dumping on pavements, streets and council-owned land; illegal dumping in parks is the responsibility of City Parks.
  • Once you have a reference number from the call centre please email Debbie to escalate it –
  • Replacement Bins There are four categories of bin replacements:
  • 1) If you have no bin at your house – i.e. it is a new house or you have purchased one and there was no bin. You apply to Pikitup and the bin is free.
  • 2) If you want a second or more bins, you contact Pikitup and pay R385 plus VAT per bin.
  • 3) If your bin has been stolen or gone missing. You can get ONE free bin replacement every 8 years starting from 1 July 2017. After that you pay per bin.
  • 4) If your bin is broken or damaged, then you will get a free bin, proving that you return the old bin.
  • The Process to Obtain a Bin In each of the above options, you need to call the Pikitup call centre and obtain a reference number. You will need your account number when you do this. If it has been stolen, then you should first visit your nearest police station and report it. You will need to provide the case number when calling the COJ call centre. If you need to pay for the bin(s), then you need to go to your Regional Walk In Centre (for Ward 87 it is Randburg, corner Jan Smuts Ave and Braam Fischer Drive) with the reference number, a copy of your municipal bill and cash to the value of R385 plus VAT per bin. In theory, Pikitup will then alert the depot that services your suburb and deliver a bin within a week or so depending on stock availability. If you haven’t received your bin after a month please email Ronel Doria –
  • Name
  • Cell / contact number
  • Address
  • Ref number
  • Attach a copy of the receipt if you have paid for a bin.

  • Overgrown/ fallen trees, park grass cutting. 0117126600 or 0860JOBURG(562874) or email:
  • All service requests relating to emergency fallen trees/branches must be directed to the City of Johannesburg call center on (011) 375 5555 / 0860 56 2874 or alternatively e-mail
  • Tree emergencies include: Obstruction of streets, trees that have fallen onto properties or vehicles, trees that have fallen onto the sidewalk but block the owner’s driveway, prevent the owner exiting from the property, trees that have fallen onto residents.

  • Accidents, traffic issues, noise disturbances, bylaw issues. 011758 9621 / 011758 9623 / 011758 9650. 24 hr – 0808 723342 (traffic)

  • 011 375 5911/ ​011 472 1599

  • Damaged signage, traffic signal faults, road markings, potholes, pavements, stormwater drains 0860JOBURG(562874)

  • Please follow the procedures on the document to report noise nuisances. Contact person is Ashendri Reddy – . For more information see the post on Knowing your rights as a neighbour

  • Account Queries Billing Queries, meter readings, new accounts, refunds. ​0860JOBURG(562874)   Email:
  • WALK IN CIVIC CENTRE : Accounts, billing and meter issues, Reconnection request after cut​-off, Termination of services by owners, New connections electricity, water and sewer. Nearest = Randburg Customer Service Centre corner Bram Fischer Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue, Randburg

  • Contact directory:

  • This department deals with businesses or properties operating illegally.
  • If you suspect that this is happening please report it to Jack Sekgobela is the person appointed to investigate complaints in region B Please give the address and as much detail as possible.
  • Examples of illegal land use are communes, churches, and businesses operating from residential stands.
  • You can check the zoning using this tool on your mobile phone – just zoom into the property in question – or use the COJ website GIS system to check

  • Any new building and any alteration that adds on to or changes the structure of an existing building must go to the City’s (Planning) Development Management Department for approval. You can check if plans have been submitted by using this portal –
  • Alternatively, please contact the Building Inspector for Greenside, Melville, Auckland Park, Brixton, Richmond, Parktown, Parkview and Westcliff – Faried Watson
  • Historical/archived building plans will be available to the public, but only through appointment by email or telephone (Email address: and Tel: 011 407-6034/ 083 702 7689) and request a copy of a plan, then set an appointment for collection. The plan will then be collected at the Metro Link.


  • Escalation of COJ issues that have already been logged. Please provide reference numbers and email these issues to Ask to be added to the Councillor’s Whatsapp group : 083 604-0404
  • TO ESCALATE A PROBLEM YOU HAVE LOGGED WITH THE CITY: Reminder to please send your power / water escalation requests in the following format which is the standard we have to use with the entities / departments: Full Name: Address: Suburb: Phone Number: Issue Detail: Reference Number: Account number (if applicable): Date & Time Logged: PLEASE DO NOT POST SCREEN GRABS OR PHOTOS. SMS / WhatsApp Ward Councillor Steer on 0836040404 for emergencies
  • Non-emergency issues (billing, roads, traffic, parks & General enquiries): should be emailed to

Please check to see which department is responsible for which issues and how to log.

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