Building a community that cares for each-other

The security portfolio of the GRA aims to connect the community around issues pertaining to security. A connected and informed community is simply stronger than one that is not.

The portfolio’s function in terms of this mission is twofold:

  • The GRA remains committed to the relationship it has established with CAP as primary provider of security services in the area. CAP is a non-profit organisation that has committed significant investment in the protection of our area both in terms of its home response and public-space protection initiatives. Towards this end the GRA security portfolio serves as CAP liaison together with representatives from Emmarentia in which issues and ideas pertaining to the security of the area are tabled to frame the improvement of the services that CAP provide. Key amongst these are public space initiatives like the installation of cameras and a block watch initiative that is triggered when required.
  • The GRA is represented on the Community Police Forum (CPF) and serves as liaison with SAPS through the Parkview police station. The CPF meets monthly and serves as a mechanism for community involvement in the policing of our area and also serves as a means of ensuring that area interests are maintained.

The security portfolio is looked after by three people, Dimitri Vratsanos (chair), Bianca Albertini and Robert Crosby.  Bianca represents us on the CPF and Dimitri on the CAP liaison fronts.

Over and above these primary functions there are is a groundswell initiative the GRA wishes to endorse in the form of a block watch community pioneered by concerned citizens (of which Bianca is one). The initiative is called Emmarentia Greenside Community Patroller (EGCP) and organises volunteers across these areas in their vigilance and response to security incidents. It is a proactive group of individuals that serve as a conduit to professional response in the form of SAPS and the security companies operating in the area.

We urge our residents to join the security community by:

  • Joining the GRA security WhatsApp group and use the channel as a forum for the sharing of ideas in respect of the liaison function the GRA provides as it relates to CAP and the CPF.
  • Join EGCP as a means for improving the overall vigilance of our area over and above the efforts provided by security service providers.

Interested parties can reach us via email on

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