“Greenside knows JoburgCAN”

The Greenside Residents Association is a member of the Joburg Community Action network.

What is JoburgCAN?

JoburgCAN is an initiative launched by OUTA (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) to organise and empower a network of community associations and businesses within the City of Johannesburg, ensuring responsible collection and use of rates and tax revenues, coupled with excellent service delivery by the City.

Inspired by OUTA’s approach, JoburgCAN is committed to achieving top-notch service in Johannesburg through citizen unity, accountability, and collaborative solutions. They challenge policies, activate citizenry, and work with communities and authorities to enhance administration and service delivery.

What does Greenside get out of this?

The GRA is now part of a wider community of RA’s across the city, pushing for delivery. By acting together, we can make a bigger difference for all of us.

A major benefit is that joining JoburgCAN helps the GRA run more smoothly and in particular will assist with fundraising to ensure our sustainability and the implementation of large projects.

We have access to tools and partners to affect change in our neighbourhood and learn from those who have managed to get delivery.

We can influence policy and directly hold those in the COJ accountable for non-delivery.

Get Involved

If you believe that JoburgCAN, and want to help us deliver change, become a member of the GRA. Your commitment to us, is a commitment to the CAN network and all the work for local government accountability in the COJ.

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