CPF meeting 26.10.2020- GRA, SAPS Parkview, JMPD and City of Johannesburg

The Greenside Residents Association would like to thank SAPS Parkview, JMPD and the City of Johannesburg land use management department for meeting with us on Monday 26 October. We had a very useful discussion regarding the many law enforcement issues that have long plagued the Greenside business node. These included security issues, dangerous driving, problems with illegal business and land use activities, infringement of liquor licence laws, noise disturbances, theft, people drinking , partying and fighting in the streets. All stakeholders agreed to commit resources to addressing this issue in an ongoing way. We are already seeing this in the increased presence and responsivity of SAPS and JMPD on the strip over the last weekend. Thanks to our ward councillor Bridget Steer and the Parkview CPF for helping to arrange this important meeting.

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