Sir Lionel Phillips Park Adoption

The Greenside Residents Association is formally applying to adopt Sir Lionel Phillips Park on Cruden Bay Road, Greenside. Our application enjoys the full support of the ward councillor and the Parkview SAPS.

The objectives of the adoption are to allow Greenside to:

  1. Secure the park against illegal usage and occupation
  2. Revitalise and upgrade the park’s facilities and make it a beautiful green space for Greenside residents and others to enjoy.

Once approval has been granted by the CoJ, work will begin in a phased approach.

To support our application, we are required to complete a public participation process.

What can you expect the park to look like?

What will phase 1 cost?

The immediate goal would be to implement the fencing and gates around the park and at the same time, to install the solar lighting. All of the other park adoption activities will follow as phase 2.

Item Cost
Perimeter fencing1 R 700 000
Solar lights R 60 000
TOTAL R 760 000
  1. This assumes the need to enclose the entire perimeter. A successful parallel road closure application will reduce this to approximately R280 000 ↩︎

How will we fund this?

  • The GRA is hoping to make use of a significant amount of money that was donated to the suburb for suburb improvement projects but this funding is subject to confirmation.
  • The GRA will approach potential corporate sponsors and local businesses.
  • The GRA will approach Greenside residents to make a donation.

How can you help?

Support the application

If you would like to support this initiative please pledge your support by signing our petition.

Contribute financially

Please consider making a financial contribution towards this project and its maintenance.

  • Account Name: Greenside Residents Association
  • Bank: FNB
  • Account number: 62926244724
  • Reference: SLP and your name

Please also email your proof of payment together with the following details to

  • Name
  • Street Address
  • Contact number (preferably a cell number if possible)
  • E-mail address:(for correspondence from GRA)

Remember to request an invoice if you need.

Become a sponsor

We are also looking for local sponsors. Any donation of materials or services would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to become a sponsor please email:

Give your time

A project of this nature requires the support of many people with a variety of skills. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity to assist with fundraising activities, marketing, communications, project administration, landscaping, construction or maintenance please get in touch by emailing

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