Welcome to Greenside

We are lucky to live in a beautiful leafy suburb, with a vibrant diverse community. There are always challenges to living in an older suburb and a complex growing city. In order to keep our suburb healthy and green and sustainable and a happy place to call our home, residents need to be active citizens and work together to build a sense of community, improve what needs improving and deal with the problems that we face as a suburb.

Some of these issues include our aging and often inadequate power and water infrastructure, illegal building, litter and environmental protection, traffic, noise, and security concerns and finding a balance between the need for ongoing development and the rights of residents.

The GRA is a not for profit association representing the residents of Greenside in matters concerning our suburb. The GRA committee is made up of Greenside residents, all volunteers, who would like to participate actively in improving things for the community as a whole.

For the past few years the GRA suffered as the committee was very small and membership of the Association declined. Following a special General meeting in November 2018 a large and enthusiastic interim committee was constituted of volunteers from the community.

Our current focus is to build our capacity by increasing membership, raising funds (via the annual subscriptions) to initiate community improvement projects and to restore effective communication between the Association and residents. 

The benefit of belonging to a Residents’ Association is immeasurable. By working collectively to represent the interests of the suburb, we can do a great deal to present a united voice on issues of concern, liaise with local business, relevant city and law enforcement agencies, protect the suburb from predatory development and illegal land uses, enhance environmental wellbeing and build a greater sense of community.

We urge you to join the GRA (by paying your annual membership fee and subscribing to our mailing list), get involved when and where you can on issues that interest and affect you and save the date of our AGM – Tuesday, 2 April 2019.  More details to follow

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