Celebrating Greenside Sidewalk Competition 2023

1. What is the “Celebrating Greenside Sidewalk Competition”?
It is a community initiative to encourage residents of Greenside to improve the public space outside their houses and create a greater awareness of the green spaces in the suburb.

2. Why a Sidewalk Competition?
We live in an old and historical part of Johannesburg, with beautiful established trees and parks that provides a home for many families and their pets. The Greenside Residents Association believes it is important to guard our heritage and ensure that our suburb remains cared for and increases in value. To this end it is important that every home owner contributes to the maintenance and beautification of their sidewalk, verge and pavement.

3. What constitutes a sidewalk?
This would be any area outside of your gate or fence, whether it is a residential property or business property in a street with businesses, shops and restaurants.

4. How do I enter?
Take a photograph of your sidewalk and email it to info@gra.org.za with the subject line “Celebrating Greenside Sidewalk Competition”. Please include your name, address (of the sidewalk photographed so that the Judges can visit it) and a contact number. Your information will not be used for any other purpose other than for the sidewalk competition.

5. What are the different Categories?
a. Best Sidewalk
b. Most Improved Sidewalk (please include before and after pics)
b.1 – Soft Landscaping Improvement
b.2 – Hard Landscaping Improvement
c. Most Beautiful Street/ Block in Greenside

6. What will the judges be looking for?
Indigenous, waterwise planting is encouraged as well as overall design and positive aesthetic. Accessibility for pedestrians is important as many people exercise or walk their dogs and paving needs to be neat and not create a tripping hazard. Emphasis is on the word “Greening”.

7. How can you make your sidewalk attractive?
This is the fun part: anything goes! That means you can plant anything from grass, shrubs, trees, succulents etc., or put up a structure, decorate with stones, install a fountain or statue, hang lights, or do whatever your imagination dictates. Just remember not to uproot any existing trees. And basics are important; no litter and no weeds. Sometimes less is more and a simple lawn with well-placed plants has the most impact. We look forward to viewing your efforts!

8. What is the closing date?
17 November 2023 is the last day to submit entries. After this date no entries will be considered.

9. Is there an entry fee?
No, entering the competition is free.

10. What are the prizes to be won?
Great prizes can be won!! We are in the process of securing more sponsors and will share these on social networks as they become available.

11. Can I enter if I live in a neighbouring suburb?
No, the competition is limited to the boundaries of Greenside Suburb as shown on the municipal map

12. Who Decides the Winners?
Representatives of the Greening Committee will form a judging committee for the competition and view the street to determine the winner.

Competition Rules:
Judges’ decision is final. Winner will be notified by phone and email. Prizes are not transferable. GRA has the right to cancel the competition immediately and without notice for any reason if needed.

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