On Thursday 9 March the Greenside Residents Association (GRA) hosted its Annual General Meeting at Greenside High School. The AGM is an opportunity for the GRA to engage with the community and residents, share updates on issues that the GRA is dealing with and unveil the major projects that the GRA will be focusing on in 2023.  

Aside from residents, representatives from Parkview SAPS, the Parkview Liquor Forum, CAP and Pirates Sports Club attended the meeting. Local resident Ashraf Garda gave a short speech on the importance of community champions. Unfortunately Ward Councillor Bridget Steer was unable to attend as she was attending to numerous power issues in the ward.

GRA Chairperson Judith Ancer provided an update on a range of important matters including a range of land use concerns and objections, heritage matters, liquor licences, illegal street signage, the GRA’s finances, the informal settlement at the old Bowling Club on Victory Road as well as the exciting Green Shoots project the GRA will be initiating in the coming months.

Her address was followed by presentations from Gillian Jones on Greening, Colin Berger on Heritage, Dimitri Vratsanos, Bianca Albertini and CAP on Security and Jade Archer on the Cruden Bay Block Project.

The annual subs of R500 for residents, R1000 for businesses and reduced rates for those in need was ratified.

The updated GRA constitution was adopted unanimously.

“We are so pleased that residents took the time to attend the AGM. At the GRA we believe in the principle of the aggregation of marginal gains, this is the small things we do to improve things. We also encourage residents and businesses to adopt the “See something say something” approach, which calls us all to take personal responsibility and importantly to take action. That is why it is encouraging to see residents proposing solutions to some of our most pressing challenges and we are delighted that a handful of people have volunteered to join the GRA committee and some of the sub-committees,” said Judith Ancer.

The GRA signed up new members and also used the meeting to raise funds for critical projects with generous donations made to the Green Crew initiative. Excitingly a number of people have volunteered to join the GRA EXCO and the details of the new portfolio holders will be shared following the GRA meeting to be held in early April.

Despite large parts of the suburb experiencing a multiday outage there was a good turnout with over 70 people in attendance. Residents were treated to snacks sponsored by local businesses including Baker Brothers, Jacks Bagels, Tei Avon, Debonairs and Vida e Caffee coffee provided by Sunny Shell and the venue was kindly provided by Greenside High School.

The GRA also did a lucky draw with prizes sponsored by Learnmore from Wash&Go and electrical protection devices provided by Nick Allen from Sollatek.


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