Greenside Gems : coffees and comfort during Covid

written by Andrew Brouard

A coffee shop is not just a coffee shop. It is a refuge from the world’s hurly burly. A place to pause, put brackets around your moment and sip your drink while the mad world briefly recedes.
For some people, it’s also about the coffee.
Whether purist or refugee, Greenside meets the needs of all coffee-heads. Our three speciality coffee shops are Seattle, the Smoke Shop and Loof, and I’ve been to them all.
At Seattle, the banter is lively and everyone remembers our names (and our preferences). I’ll order an Americano for her, a Grande cappuccino for our son and an extra hot cap with four sugars for the philistine, me.
At Loof, the newest on the block, you are in no doubt that you are in the quiet corner of a place that takes coffee seriously. My son the aficionado has designs on the Hario pourover kettle on the shelf and we’ll ask for three flat whites, which arrive in stylish double-glazed glasses. You can sit inside on a cold day or outside and people-watch.
I haven’t been as often to the Smoke Shop but Dimitri swears it’s the best coffee on the strip. There’s something very cool about perching on a stool in the bustling heart of main street while tattooed regulars file by or drop in for a Vape refill.
We’re very lucky to have our three specialist coffee shops and we urge you to support them.

Seattle Greenside : Village Green Centre 127 Greenway
010 592 1776

The Smoke Shop : 22 Gleneagles Rd, Greenside
074 866 6600

Loof Coffee: 38 Gleneagles Rd
072 675 3992

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